Matt O'Connor / Client Representative Wexford County Council

Client Testimonial

Robin Lee and his practice has been known to me since winning the two staged international design competition for a New Headquarters for Wexford County Council in December 2006. I was chairman of the jury where 94 submissions were assessed.

The winning design concept was clear and unlike many other contenders it put people, particularly the public, which it serves, to the forefront and by good design created a building as a centre for public interaction with the potential to become an important social destination within the town.

I have acted as client representative on behalf of Wexford County Council since January 2007 taking the €50 million project through all stages of design and construction. I have been most impressed by the design approach, innovation and commitment of Robin Lee and his team and their broad and insightful understanding of the design development for the project.

He has been a pleasure to work with and have committed time and resources to the project at all level beyond what would normally be expected, even from a committed design team on a project.