'The ability to integrate sustainable elements and maintain such clarity of purpose elevates the design to the highest level.' - Civic Trust Awards

'A spectacular vision of minimalism and simplicity.' - Civic Trust Awards

'An architecturally astonishing new headquarters.' - Irish Times

'A space defined by a sense of civic decorum.' - Architecture Ireland

'Simple, clear architecture at this level is a rarity, particularly among young architects.' - The Sunday Times

'The building is sumptuously plain and enormously tactile; every joint meets perfectly or is separated by the finest shadow detail.' - The Sunday Times

'An essay in controlled, no surprises architecture where nothing is left to chance.' - The Sunday Times

'Packed of poesis and reason without reducing the work to meaningless repetition or diminution, Wexford County Council offices is a building full of rigour and vitality.' - Architects Journal

'As well as the rich palette, meticulous detailing and luxurious craftsmanship abound.' - Architects Journal

'Lee is a craftsman architect with the eye of a jeweler.' - Architects Journal

'An extraordinary architectural talent.' - Architects Journal